Nils Hallerstrom

President, PK AirFinance

Nils Hallerstrom

Nils Hallerstrom is President, PK AirFinance, of GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the $41 billion commercial aircraft financing and leasing unit of GE.

In 1984, Nils began working for PK Finans in Luxembourg (Crédit Lyonnais/PK Airfinance 1988-2000). He started PK's New York Branch in 1990 and became president of PK in 1991. In 2000, the company was acquired by GECAS, and became known as PK AirFinance.

PK has financed over 2,500 jet aircraft for airlines, traders and operating lessors. It has offices in Luxembourg, Norwalk, Toulouse, and Tokyo. PK has grown its aircraft backed debt portfolio to over $6bn.

Prior to PK, Nils completed military service in the Royal Swedish Air Force and was honorably discharged as second lieutenant.

Beginning in 1974, he taught theoretical mechanics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, followed by an internship at SAAB-SCANIA and wrote his senior thesis on “Stability and Control of Naturally Unstable Aircraft.”

Nils was Head of Section at the Swedish Ministry for Industry and worked on aerospace matters from 1979 to 1981.

He joined SAAB AB in 1981 responsible for financial control of the SAAB 340 regional aircraft joint-venture with Fairchild.

Since 1993, he has, in co-operation with a vendor in Sweden, developed Monte Carlo simulation software used across PK for pricing, structuring and underwriting new loans, managing portfolios, valuing loans, data mining and analytics.

He has been a director of ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading) and on the Board of Governors of the ISTAT appraisal program. He lectures on a regular basis on aircraft financing at Air Business Academy in Toulouse.

Nils holds an MSc in aeronautical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MSc in accounting & finance from the London School of Economics. He also studied sciences commerciales at the University of Geneva.

He is based in Luxembourg.

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